Author Visit

Thanks to Katy Chalk and her granddaughter Olivia ( The inspiration for the title character.) for coming to speak to us. We got lots of inspiration for our own writing especially about creating characters.

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Maths Reasoning

How can we solve word problems?

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Ice Cube Investigation

The challenge was to create packaging that would keep an ice cube cold for the longest. Very imaginative designs!

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The day has finally come and we have moved into our brand new classroom. We love the lights which dim, the brilliant screen and the new building smell! Not quite unpacked but loving it! The snow did not slow us down!

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Look up!

In geography we created a fantastic display of the many types of clouds in our sky. Remember to look up!

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Gold Rush!

Well done to these dedicated Mathlectics fans!!!

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Science topic – Materials

Fancy knowing a bit more about our Science topic on materials and changes. Why not visit the link below..


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We have been creating wonderful balances and shapes in gym.

Some even a little sideways…..

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Use the links below to find out about Antarctica.

Which of these images will you use for your Factfile?

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Habitat Dioramas

As a D.T project  and in conjunction with our Science work on animals, Caracals have created a range of habitats. Look carefully at the creatures and plants that are adapted to survive in a range of places. From desserts to tundra, rainforests to oceans we have them all.

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